Calix Huang

Hey, I'm Calix! I like building stuff that people use.

I'm a freshman at the USC Iovine & Young Academy studying CS, design, and business, as well as a Venture Partner at Contrary.
I started coding in my freshman year of high school, learned basic ML/AI & full-stack web development, attended hackathons, did a few SWE internships, and somehow stumbled into startups.
I spent over a year building a 3 different companies, 2 of which ended up being acquired. Most notably, I built Hours which was acquired by Fiveable.
After that, I helped lead product at Fiveable and did engineering/growth at Cornell, Uiflow (YC W21), (a16z, YC), Kinetic, etc. I was also an Atlas Fellow and an On Deck Fellow (ODC1, ODET2).
I've also enjoy building projects. Here's a few:
  • Hours — an accountability-based virtual studying platform for students.
  • Recollect — a memory-tracking app for the forgetful.
  • Cyclic — a daily, rewards-based habit-tracking app.
  • Ano.js — a plug-and-play, interactive web animation platform.
  • Typesite — a markdown-based website builder.
  • Ano.js — an SMS-based Bible study app.
  • 1Academy — an online course platform constructed from curated content.

Colossians 3:17

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