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Hey, I'm Calix. I love software and storytelling.

I’m a student studying Design, Technology, Business, and Communication at the USC Iovine and Young Academy.
I love

building software


telling stories

, and making memories. I'm constantly documenting life through words and videos. I enjoy taking time to write private, daily reflections and publish

monthly reflections

I have a little camera that I carry everywhere and film segments of my day to make montages later. I love how well it encapsulates my days and captures every day moments that are easily overlooked.
I’ve previously founded startups,

sold them

and I'm currently a Venture Partner at Contrary.
Explore my


, recent

August reflection

, and my overall

2021 reflection



Freshman @ USC Iovine and Young Academy

1 of 42 IYA students in the 9th cohort of the Academy

Venture Partner @ Contrary

Scouting entrepreneurial talent at USC


Founder @ Hours

Built solo & acquired by Fiveable in 2021. Now operates as the core platform and vision of Fiveable.

Software Engineer @ Kinetic

3rd engineering hire. Frontend design implementation.

Software Engineer Intern @ Beacons

Worked on pre-deal. Supporting creators in securing brand deals.

Head of Labs @ Fiveable

Initialized and led the Labs department.

Atlas Fellow @ Atlas Fellowship

$50k scholarship + 11-day program in Berkeley.

Growth @ Uiflow

Built no-code demo material. Work acknowledged by the founders of Wordpress, DataDog, NoCodeDevs, etc.

Research Assistant @ Cornell

Analyzed MOOC samples to correlate course information to learner diversity & performance

Software Engineer @ Cornell Pathways

Built & launched search function for student curriculum

Lead Product Manager @ Fiveable

Hired via acquisition. Managed Hours as a separate divison of the company with a team of 5 software engineers.

Founder @ Ortexo

Built consumer software for students. Acquired by NovaCrypt in 2020.

Fellow (ODET2, ODC1) @ On Deck
Software Engineer Intern @ Hack+
Intern @ Spero Ventures
Managing Director of Engineering @ Erevna

My Journey


  • Quit competitive tennis

  • Started high school

  • Discovered ethical hacking

  • Started programming with Python


  • Learned the basics of programming

  • Studied data science and ML/AI

  • Pivoted to learning full-stack web development

  • Fell in love with UI/UX and web design

  • Attended 10+ hackathons

  • Founded my first nonprofit... and failed

  • Landed first SWE internship



  • Scaled Hours to 20k+ users

  • Hours acquired by Fiveable

  • Worked at various tech startups

  • Built multiple side projects

  • Built my first mobile app

  • Joined 4 different fellowships


  • Graduated high school

  • Attended the Atlas Fellowship

  • Worked at various tech startups over the summer

  • Joined Contrary as a Venture partner

  • Started studying at USC

  • Joined entreneurship/tech clubs on campus

  • More to come...


I'm always happy to chat, whether it's about work, interests, hobbies, or even just the weather.

Never hesitate to send a message my way :)

Colossians 3:17

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