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Sep 21 2020 in #journal

Last updated on: November 26, 2021

Just like how I've outlined my failures, I also want to outline my achievements. Not necessarily to brag, but it's important to take pride in your work. And that's exactly why I made this.


  • Joined Fiveable leadership
  • Helped pivot Fiveable in my new vision for the company
  • Attended 3 company retreats in SF, Michigan, and Wisconsin
  • Learned mobile app development through building Recollect
  • Joined my first YC startup - Uiflow (YC W21)
  • Landed a summer internship with Spero Ventures
  • Underwent 6-figure acquisition between Hours & Fiveable
  • Had my work featured in Techcrunch, Business Insider, Yahoo News, and Morning Brew
  • Scaled Hours to 20k users in 6 months
  • Generated 1m+ views from $50 of influencer marketing
  • Got to talk with amazing investors/entrepreneurs like Darrell Silver and Nisha Dua
  • Joined On Deck Catalyst as a founding fellow
  • Was offered a partnership by the largest Discord study server with 130k+ members -> rejected


  • Started my first ever company and got it acquired
  • Co-founded my first lean tech startup in edtech
  • Took on my very first professional contract project
  • Accepted into a collegiate/graduate level fellowship based on product design/development
  • Accepted into LaunchX, Leangap, and Bluestamp Engineering (avg. acceptance rate: 10-15%)
  • Landed 4 internships within the first 3 months of 2020
  • Joined a big intercollegiate nonprofit as an engineer and was promoted to a director
  • Attended hackathons as a workshop leader and a judge


  • Self-taught myself programming and learned the basics through building projects
  • Won my first-ever hackathon
  • Placed 2nd with my team at CCIC (California Cyber Innovation Challenge), a state-wide cybersecurity competition
  • Landed 2 internships in the last 2 months of 2019
  • Started my first part-time job
  • Was offered executive positions in nonprofit organizations and companies -> turned them down